Temptation (2009)

Temptation (2009) YTOR Torrent

Title: Temptation (2009)

Release: 2009

Rating: 2.6

Language: English

Runtime: 88

Genre: Country | Fantasy | Genre | Horror | Thriller | UK |

Temptation (2009)

Release 2009
Rating 2.6/10
Language English
Country UK
Runtime 88 mins
Genre Fantasy | Horror | Thriller | UK |


After a heavy night out with the girls, Isabel, and attractive young professional woman catches an illegal mini-cab home. Things take a turn for the worse when the cabbie pulls her into an ally and violently forces himself onto her, taking her life. From high above on the rooftop, an ancient female Vampire notices. Taken in by Isabel’s beauty and innocence, she dispatches the Cabbie and feeds Isabel a drop of her immortal blood. Isabel awakes with 48 hours to decide whether to embrace immortality, or kill herself before she becomes undead.
Written by
Brit Films


Director :
Catherine Taylor
Actors :
Rachel Waters, Laura Evans, Caroline Haines
Reviews :

What works with Temptation:

1.) Topless violin playing. I love the violin.

2.) There were times during this tedious production, that I thought about turning it off and trying to weather it in nibble-sized pieces. Why I didn't was because Caroline Haines gives a compelling enough performance as Isabel. Her performance is better than the movie she's in and her acting is better than 99.9998% of the horrendous "acting" I see trying to endure these indie screeners. I couldn't think of a moment that I didn't believe Haines, long after I had given up on the movie. It's a wonder what a British accent can do to elevate a performance.

What doesn't work:

1.) In this "feminine approach to the vampire genre", writer Julianne White and director Catherine Taylor have attempted to make an Interview-with-the-Vampire-ish goth drama instead of a straight horror movie, but the results are a lot more tedious. I couldn't think of a single scare, even a cheap one. Or if there had been, I hadn't noticed it because I was so bored.

2.) Random characters have almost page-long monologues that have nothing to do with the main story line. As I watched I wondered what the hell these speeches had to do with the rest of the movie. Nothing.

3.) A character (I didn't bother to remember minor character names) "accidentally" leaves a body drained of blood in the middle of a park for the cops to find. I was unintentionally laughing at this rather convenient plot development, but I can't complain too much, since it was something other than monotony.

Despite the undeniable allure of lesbian vampires, resist any temptation to see this, as the movie will leave you unfulfilled on nearly every level. Its lack of both frights and effective titillation will leave you wanting… …for the Lesbian Vampire Killers to appear, if only to end this movie prematurely.

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