Tauw (1970)

Tauw (1970) YTOR Torrent

Title: Tauw (1970)

Release: 1970

Rating: 7

Language: French

Runtime: 24

Genre: Country | Genre |

Tauw (1970)

Release 1970
Rating 7/10
Language French
Country Senegal
Runtime 24 mins


A young unemployed man fends off accusations of laziness and makes a home for his pregnant girlfriend who has been rejected by her family.


Director :
Ousmane Sembene
Actors :
Reviews :

The film has a pedagogical undertone - and it was financed by an official Senegal institution of education. There is an overtly didactic passage on the necessity of finding work, filmed as a kind of dream. There are, however, also some sumptuous photography and various scenes of Tauw and two of his friends walking through the streets of Dakar with a perfect music score underneath the pictures. These are the moments when this obvious tale turns into cinema.

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