PolyLove (2017)

PolyLove (2017) YTOR Torrent

Title: PolyLove (2017)

Release: 2017

Rating: 3.9

Language: English

Runtime: 59

Genre: Canada | Country | Documentary | Genre |

PolyLove (2017)

Release 2017
Rating 3.9/10
Language English
Country Canada
Runtime 59 mins
Genre Canada | Documentary |


PolyLove is an investigative documentary that explores non-monogamy and the journey to redefine a relationship. Statistically more young people are now saying ‘I don’t’ or ‘I delay’ than ‘I do’. Brace yourself, because we are going to a place where bravery and honesty are essential. A place where loving someone enough to set them free isn’t just a trite metaphor – it’s essential to your personal and relationship growth.
Written by
Border2Border Entertainment


Director :
Charlie David
Actors :
Brent Everett, Gabriel Clark, Laurie Betito
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