Nuts! (2016)

Nuts! (2016) YTOR Torrent

Title: Nuts! (2016)

Release: 2016

Rating: 7.1

Language: English

Runtime: 79

Genre: Animation | Country | Documentary | Genre | USA |

Nuts! (2016)

Release 2016
Rating 7.1/10
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 79 mins
Genre Animation | Documentary | USA |


The mostly true story of Dr. John Romulus Brinkley, an eccentric genius who built an empire with his goat-testicle impotence cure and a million-watt radio station. Animated reenactments, interviews, archival footage, and one seriously unreliable narrator trace his rise from poverty to celebrity and influence in 1920s America.


Director :
Penny Lane
Actors :
John Causby, Andy Boswell, Gene Tognacci
Reviews :

Amazing story. This documentary is well researched. But my god, that animation is so damn frustrating. The shifting lines all the time are just too much. If you know that the documentary is 90% filled with animation. It just gets to much after a while. Nearly gave me an epileptic seizure. Shame.

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