My Amityville Horror (2012)

My Amityville Horror (2012) YTOR Torrent

Title: My Amityville Horror (2012)

Release: 2012

Rating: 5.5

Language: English

Runtime: 88

Genre: Country | Documentary | Genre | Horror | USA |

My Amityville Horror (2012)

Release 2012
Rating 5.5/10
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 88 mins
Genre Documentary | Horror | USA |


For the first time in 35 years, Daniel Lutz recounts his version of the infamous Amityville haunting that terrified his family in 1975. George and Kathleen Lutz’s story went on to inspire a best-selling novel and the subsequent films have continued to fascinate audiences today. This documentary reveals the horror behind growing up as part of a world famous haunting and while Daniel’s facts may be other’s fiction, the psychological scars he carries are indisputable. Documentary filmmaker, Eric Walter, has combined years of independent research into the Amityville case along with the perspectives of past investigative reporters and eyewitnesses, giving way to the most personal testimony of the subject to date.
Written by
Lost Witness Pictures, LLC


Director :
Eric Walter
Actors :
Laura DiDio, Susan Bartell, Daniel Lutz
Reviews :

Nevermind the reviews that say this documentary is boring, making up stories for attention, nonsense, etc. It's a story straight from the source, not just another documentary. It's not a Hollywood movie or scripted story. What you see is what you get. For those who don't know, the Lutz family was the family who came after the murder family known as Defeo family. The movies were even focused on the Lutz family. Just look at the character names in the movie. Furthermore, Daniel Lutz's story in this documentary is a big deal if your fascinated with the Amityville hauntings.

Like the guy or not, believe in his story or not, he is the real deal. He may be an adult now, but it took him many many years to tell his childhood traumatic story. If he was out for attention, why did it take him so long? I'm not one to believe in ghosts and such as I'm a skeptic, however I believed that this guy believed in his story. You can just tell by the way he's in tears and takes pauses before continuing. Is it possible he's a lunatic and that's why he believed it? Sure. That doesn't mean he's lying though.

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