Midnight Heat (TV Movie 1996)

Midnight Heat (TV Movie 1996) YTOR Torrent

Title: Midnight Heat (TV Movie 1996)

Release: 1996

Rating: 4.8

Language: English

Runtime: 98

Genre: Action | Country | Drama | Genre | Thriller | USA |

Midnight Heat (TV Movie 1996)

Release 1996
Rating 4.8/10
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 98 mins
Genre Action | Drama | Thriller | USA |


John Gray, a mild-mannered banker, gets hit by a car and loses most of his memory. When he gets out of the hospital, he has flashbacks which do not fit with his current life. After a strange telephone call and a murder attempt on his wife, Gray’s wife is murdered which he is forced to go to L.A. in order to solve the crime and piece together his mysterious past.
Written by
Sean Cullin <[email protected]>


Director :
Allan A. Goldstein
Actors :
Claire Yarlett, Brad Dourif, Brian Bosworth
Reviews :

Don't judge this one by its cover- "Black Out" is a smartly-plotted film noir piece that has surprisingly sharp writing. It is tainted by a noticeably tight budget, but this is a movie that deserves the respect it will probably never get. This is "A History of Violence" with a lesser budget and director, resulting in unfortunately generic production values.

Keep an open mind and you'll enjoy it. "Black Out" is the story of an accountant named John Gray who's perfect life falls to pieces when a tragedy sparks memories of a suppressed past double life. He finds himself on the run, trying to piece his old life back together while simultaneously fighting off mobsters who want him dead. These flashbacks are told in washed out black and white- nodding to the classic film noirs and providing wonderful homage to them.

This is a knockout story considering "Memento" and "The Bourne Identity" (the movie, anyway) wouldn't come out until years later. A better actor than former NFL star Brian Bosworth could have taken the role of John Gray-and the movie for that matter-to a higher level, but he makes do. The real problem proves to be the direction. Allan A. Goldstein achieves greatness in some areas of the film, (like the stylish flashbacks and the flawless realization of the story) but he messes up with some of the action scenes. They are awkwardly cut, which probably indicate sloppy direction of the scenes. He didn't do an adequate enough job capturing everything going on during the action, so most of the action becomes incoherent and forgettable. Also, he didn't seem to invest much in the art department, being that the production design is hopelessly bland. The constant generic feel eats away at any hope of the gritty atmosphere the story so desperately needs.

Do give this one a try, though. It is fascinatingly written and the talent involved is more than you'd expect from a movie staring Brian Bosworth, who really isn't all that bad- really! (3 out of 4)

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