Fool for Love (1985)

Fool for Love (1985) YTOR Torrent

Title: Fool for Love (1985)

Release: 1985

Rating: 6.1

Language: English

Runtime: 106

Genre: Country | Drama | Genre | USA |

Fool for Love (1985)

Release 1985
Rating 6.1/10
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 106 mins
Genre Drama | USA |


May is hiding out at an old motel in the Southwest. Eddie, her half-brother, also an old flame shows up. He threatens her metaphorically and, at times, literally drags her back into the life she had fled from. The film focuses on the couple’s fluctuating past and present relationships, and the dark secrets hidden within, including one from an old man who lives near the motel (Harry Dean Stanton).


Director :
Robert Altman
Actors :
Harry Dean Stanton, Kim Basinger, Sam Shepard
Reviews :

Robert Altman directed this adaptation of a play by Sam Shepard, who wrote the screenplay and stars as a drifter who drives his pickup truck, complete with horse and trailer, to a small hotel in New Mexico. It seems he has a tempestuous romantic history with the hotel's proprietor (Kim Basinger), and the audience fills in the blanks as the film progresses, taking a distinctly sharp turn in the last third. Also with Randy Quaid and Harry Dean Stanton. The first half of the film nearly lost me for good, with not a lot happening and the performances pitched to the back row. But things get better during the home stretch, even if bits do strain credulity. From the Cannon Group, stepping outside of their usual budget action flicks.

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