Dope Game 2 (Video 2003)

Dope Game 2 (Video 2003) YTOR Torrent

Title: Dope Game 2 (Video 2003)

Release: 2003

Rating: 3.5

Language: English

Runtime: 90

Genre: Action | Country | Crime | Genre | USA |

Dope Game 2 (Video 2003)

Release 2003
Rating 3.5/10
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 90 mins
Genre Action | Crime | USA |


Four corrupt Oakland Task Force Officers turn the city inside out with murders, beatings and whatever it takes to clean up the streets and make a little money. They try to sell their services to a new Oakland drug lord, but he ain’t having it. All hell breaks loose and the cops won’t stop until they get their way or kill everyone that stands in front of it…These gangsters come with badges.
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Director :
Actors :
David Petersen, Jose Rosete, David Dyno Rocha
Reviews :

Okay, okay, so the Quiroz Brothers must have read my previous review of the first Dope Game because they did change up their filming strategy. Now there are two sided telephone conversations, thank you. But you know they are still working on a micro budget because the set designs are cheesy, even if they are filmed on location in a single take. The lighting design needs some work, too; bare bulbs setting off shadows is amateurish; instead, use a scrim, offset the light level. That's my suggestion for the next sequel. Though the camera work has improved a bit, it's still too static and all scenes are establishments shots (still not enough mediums and no close ups). Once they relent and allow the scene some movement, the brothers Quiroz will be on their way to true film direction. Haven seen their previous efforts, I can see their artistry mature in this latest chapter of the downside of Oakland where the 'hood' is the true actor of this crime saga. Enter the wise, hardcore narcotics detective we've seen in countless incantations played by a straight forward and effective David Rocha, who is also co-producer. He still pontificates, instead of letting his body language speak for him, but he'll get there eventually as a method actor. Our lead is a little shady and looking to expand his narc squad's moonlighting activities and moneymaking potential. "It's good to have friends," he preaches to a druglord. Yes, indeed, it is. That is, if you think your foe is an idiot, which is the fatal flaw that almost unravels his lucrative side trade. That's where the screenplay has stepped out from previous outings because this time, the "bad" guys are not as stupid, nor as intimated as others perceive them. But they are ruthless indeed, so this film could upset the casual viewer of a cop film, to include a not-necessary porno moment. I thought the heavily dramatic scenes were not built up enough to take advantage of the idea. Maybe in real life, they stop and start suddenly but no emotion is built up unless the scenes are. Just the pull of a trigger and it all ends. Of course, there's the requisite black touch at the end. The other supporting actors here do rather a good job, especially the bad guys. You could almost sense the cast is just recreating their own daily existence. Watch this if you are into gritty cop drama like "Cops" and all those other cinema verite police video shows. Do not watch if you are execting Hollywood production values with no gray, moral ambiguity. Sometimes life is like that and that's what is on display here.

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