Brother Outlaw (1971)

Brother Outlaw (1971) YTOR Torrent

Title: Brother Outlaw (1971)

Release: 1971

Rating: 3.8

Language: Italian

Runtime: 84

Genre: Country | Genre | Italy | Western |

Brother Outlaw (1971)

Release 1971
Rating 3.8/10
Language Italian
Country Italy
Runtime 84 mins
Genre Italy | Western |


A man is falsely charged with bank robbery, prompting his brother to break him out of prison. Together the pair set out to find the real culprits, and their search leads them to a gang of outlaws headed by a notorious gunfighter.


Director :
Edoardo Mulargia
Actors :
Sophia Kammara, James Rogers, Tony Kendall
Reviews :

Director Muller aka Mulargia obviously looked at Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy and Once Upon a Time in the West, but the lesson he took from them is SLOW STUFF DOWN! The stagecoach chase at the start of the movie takes up about ten minutes of outlaws riding in pursuit, the coach racing along the famous "white" road near Rome, built in antiquity by the Roman Empire. Lots of shooting, guys falling off of horses, wheels turning, horse's hooves clattering in the dust. Later on some outlaws wait outside a bank for some money to come out; they check their guns, look tensely at each other, look at the bank, look at their hostages, check their guns again...this goes on for about four minutes as tension builds...or is it tedium? And of course the hero is captured and beaten while the bad guys laugh. They chortle, cackle, and guffaw with each blow that falls. It goes on too long. Otherwise, this is a competent spaghetti of interest to fans of the genre. Tony Kendall is good as the brooding sheriff Dakota, falsely sent to prison by (among others) Dean Stratford as a leather-clad gunman who doesn't like him. Kudos to the stunt team who do a very good job of falling off of buildings, tumbling down cliffs and looking like they are really being hurt. Music is good, a nice soaring trumpet solo as the main theme. Filmed entirely in Italy, at Cinecitta Studio, no Almeria exteriors for this one.

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