Bravetown (2015)

Bravetown (2015) YTOR Torrent

Title: Bravetown (2015)

Release: 2015

Rating: 6.2

Language: English

Runtime: 112

Genre: Canada | Country | Drama | Genre | Music |

Bravetown (2015)

Release 2015
Rating 6.2/10
Language English
Country Canada
Runtime 112 mins
Genre Canada | Drama | Music |


Josh is a lost soul with an extraordinary musical talent set on a journey to encounter what he was least expecting but undoubtedly needed most. Feeling like it’s him against the world at first, his path is crossed by many people looking for their own fate, that in the end, his presence in their lives turns out to be of extraordinary importance.
Written by
Oscar Torres and Daniel Duran


Director :
Daniel Duran
Actors :
Josh Duhamel, Shamier Anderson, Maria Bello
Reviews :

I went into this because I like Lucas Till. I have put off watching it for several weeks because I thought I would be wasting my time. I have so many movies and TV shows to watch and I just can't spend time on bad ones. This is not rated very highly on IMDb and that put me off.

Well I was wrong! And any reviewer that says this is not a worthwhile movie failed to watch it. It is a little hard to watch because of the strong emotion but well worth your time. This is a movie with heart overflowing.

It is a huge plot with lots and lots of character arcs. A whole town full of them. At first, you might think all of the townies are nutz but it comes out why and there is a good reason. Hundreds of them.

I don't want to spoil the ride but this is one I might see multiple times and that's unusual. There is so much to it. The plot is tight. There are parallels in individual story lines of the characters that you might catch. They are not obvious but just watch this carefully, not while playing poker as I was at the start but really watch it. It will make a big impression on you. I guarantee it! Mike

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